The Communications Workers Union (CWU) and Royal Mail have an annual Dog Awareness Week, aimed at raising awareness of the issue and encouraging responsible dog ownership. - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist . Sophie Halle-Richards reports. Even if your dog is usually completely friendly and affectionate towards visitors and other people, dogs are territorial by nature and … Mark Wilding, a postman for 15 years, from, Llandrindod Wells, Wales was out on his round when he was attacked by a dog in the garden of a customer’s property. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Dog Law UK – what if my dog bites somebody? Can I Be Sued if My Dog Attacks a Mailman on My Property? Police were called to the scene, but Nicola was left dismayed they would not drive her to the hospital or break down the door to help retrieve her finger. Barking, Biting, dog behaviour, dogs in the media My Dog Bites the Postman. If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution. Menu. The culprit is a popular family pet. In the Glasgow “G” postcode alone, attacks on postmen and postwomen have almost doubled from 26 to 47 attacks annually (up 83%), while the Chelmsford postcode “CH” has seen attacks increase more than 122%, rising from 15 to 33. If our dogs are out, the postman here won't drop our letters off. A dog shall be regarded as dangerously out of control on any occasion on which there are grounds for reasonable apprehension that it will injure any person or assistance dog, whether or not it actually does so, (section 10(3) Dangerous Dogs Act 1991). In dog bites involving dangerous species the owner will be strictly liable for damage caused by that dog. The reader should first review our article on Torts and on American Litigation. Parcelforce Worldwide operates a separate UK network which collects and delivers express parcels. Despite what most pet owners believe, even your dog could bite someone, under the right circumstances. If a dog bite pierces the skin, bacteria from the dog’s mouth can get into the body, which can cause an infection. What should I do if I suspect my neighbour has an illegal type of dog? He just writes on the letters 'won't deliver due to dogs being out in the garden' It’s not often but they do happen” he said. But, even the most placid animal can be prone to attack if it feels either it or its territory is being threatened. I looked up, and saw a dog appear from behind a car and run towards me. My dog has bitten the postman. Try to fix a strong mailbox near the edge of the house 3. "Trying to get the police to take this whole issue of Dog Attacks as seriously as they should do and take more punitive action through Prosecutions than by the issuing of just a community resolution order has become a real problem. The postman smiled and went to stroke him. Although the total number of attacks dipped … News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. My dog then bit the back of the posties hand. While trying to protect myself, the dog jumped up and bit me on my hand. News Corp Simon Cowell seen for 1st time since spinal surgery & pals dub. We have also launched two actions in the High Court to settle the law in relation to the criminal liability of dog owners when postal workers have their fingers bitten when posting items through a letterbox. Give your dog some food or a toy to occupy them while your mail is being delivered. It will protect your post, and your postman’s fingers. will my dog be put down? Whatever the size of your business, see our business services and prices for sending parcels and letters, My tracking message says it's been delivered but it hasn't been, 2,445 dog attacks have taken place on postmen and women across the UK in the last year, Although the total number of attacks dipped slightly by 2% year on year, there are around 47 attacks taking place each week across the UK, with some leading to a permanent and disabling injury, There has been a sharp increase in several postcode areas. Place your pet in the back garden or a faraway room. Basic Law: “My dog has never bitten anyone in the past. Dogbite Charges if dog bites anyone on your property. It could easily have been a small child and the outcome could have been so much worse.”, Dr Shaun Davis, Royal Mail Group Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability said: “The safety of our people is of paramount importance and never more so than now as we continue to support the communities we live and work in. He will have to report it, so he can justify why he won't be dropping your post off again. any dog bites should be put to sleep. I agree with everyone that you should document whatever you can (when, what happened, what you said and ask for a picture for your records). A dog doesn’t have to have bitten or physically injured someone for an offence to take place. The postman had seen a dog run towards him, got scared and tried to fend him off. Dog. I could see it wasn’t a friendly approach. If they sense a threat from a dog, they won’t make the drop. UK Law. The mace got on everyone including the baby and we were all burning for hours (this was unnecessary as the dog was under control). Restrict access to the back garden so your pet cannot come out in the front Do not fret over this as it is popularly believed that dog is every man’s best friend and so you will be able to get through to your pet soon enough. Animals can act unpredictably and bites are not always provoked. You will need to make sure your dog is not a threat to delivery drivers, postal workers, health workers and other professionals who may visit your property. Wednesday 03 August 2016 12:30. Dog attacks can happen when you’ve opened the door to sign for an item. Although you may have been taking your dog to the veterinary clinic since he was a puppy, there is no guarantee that he won’t bite if he becomes frightened. Just make sure they are not in an area like the entrance hall, entrance gate or front garden, which they feel is theirs to guard when someone knocks on the door; make sure they are mentally stimulated regularly - and especially at times when the post is due to arrive.”, Communication Workers Union, National Health and Safety Officer Dave Joyce said: “We are appealing to all customers who are dog owners to work with us and ‘think TWICE’ when the postman calls. When a dog bites a person in the USA, the person usually can recover full compensation from the dog owner's homeowners insurance policy or renters insurance policy (or even from the dog owner, if he does not have any insurance). Ensure your dog is out of the way before the postman or woman arrives. However, a court could prosecute if a person believes they would have been injured if they tried to stop a dog attacking their animal. The Virtual Reality (VR) technology enables postmen and postwomen to become fully immersed in a photo-realistic, delivery environment to see how they would react to the threat of a dog attack. 2,445 dog attacks have taken place on postmen and women across the UK in the last year. Not only could someone get seriously injured but your beloved pup could be taken away from you. The legal grounds for liability vary from place to place because they depend on state statutes, county and city ordinances and court decisions. Questions What is the penalty for owning a dangerous dog? The postman walked off clutching his hand in anger and pain. The postman walked off clutching his hand in anger and pain. Ask an Expert, Get an Answer ASAP! As Royal Mail launches its eighth successive Dog Awareness Week, the company is appealing to dog owners to ensure they understand the often devastating impact of dog attacks on postmen and women and take proper measures to ensure their pets pose no threat to postal workers through responsible dog ownership. The CWU have also lobbied hard for legislative changes, pointing to the fact that eight of their members are being bitten by dogs every day while delivering mail, law firm SB Claims reports. The video below from the Paw Report has a good summary of what will happen if your dog bites someone and also provides tips on how to prevent bite situations. Hurting a dog even if by accident like pushing on sore hips in an older dog can provoke a bite as well. Dog attacks on postmen and women rise by nearly a third in the summer. Keep everything as calm and low-key as possible. I doubled checked with a different Garda to be sure and same thing and you dont have to have a notice either saying you … needs putting down if you ask me. However, if you know the dog's owner, notify him at once to contain the dog to prevent it from injuring others. This has punished offenders, further raised awareness, which in turn will prevent further attacks by forcing owners to put in place control measures to ensure a dog does not attack again. Ask an Expert; Ask a Lawyer; UK Law; how do i stand if my dog bites the postman. Here is a list of certain tip that you can follow to keep your dog from biting the postman or intimidating him. If it’s not practical for you to keep your dog away from a postman delivering your mail, please consider fitting a secure mailbox on the edge of your property. Freely allowing the pet to be seriously out of control on a public or private property is now a breach. Put the dog away in a secure room before opening the door to collect deliveries.”. Under the programme, colleagues use a special VR headset and step into a realistic virtual scenario where they are asked to assess relevant cues that a dog may be present. I feel so bad for the postman who was just doing his job and must have been scared and i am worried about my dog. This week a young delivery driver was attacked by a dog while posting a card through a letter box. Please ensure your dog is microchipped, wearing a collar and tag and that your contact details on the tag and microchip are up to date. Q524: What happens if my pet dog bites an intruder in my house? the postman said he would report it to the police. One common victim would be a postman. Hardworking and much-loved he was providing for his family and making his last delivery when he was set upon. I didn’t know my dog would bite someone. The postman has obviously got a bit of fear of dogs. So this afternoon the postman came to the door and as usual my dog started barking, today he knocked on the door as i had a I did my usual and closed the porch door (or thought i had) so i could open the front door to the postman without the dog getting out. Following the changes to the Dangerous Dog Act in England and Wales that came into force in May 2014, Royal Mail has commenced over 20 private prosecutions against dog owners where the police have failed to take the appropriate action. This allowed criminal prosecutions to be brought if a dog attack took place on private property (the law was previously restricted to public areas). Mark said: “I was delivering to a property in a cul-de-sac. My dog barked at him but I pulled at the lead and told him 'No', telling the postman that he's ok. Charges if dog bites anyone on your property. Ensure your dog is out of the way before the postman or woman arrives. Quote: This post have been removed. Knowledge again plays a part as for a dog owner to be held negligent it would have to be shown not just that they potentially failed to prevent the accident but also that they were aware that the accident could happen. So it’s probably no surprise that there are over 20 pieces of legislation that apply to dog ownership in Britain. Written by . The dangerous dogs act 1991 was extended a few years ago in line with the Union’s objectives, primarily extending the law to Private Property and thereby covering the 70% of dog attacks on Postal Workers that in which previously, irresponsible dog owners were immune from any prosecution. The number of people being taken to hospital as a result of dog bites has risen by 76% in the past decade, while 13 children have died in the same period from dog attacks. This morning I was just leaving my house with my dog on a lead, the postman came round the corner of my garage and handed me my post. Children and Dog Bites; Claims for Secondary Victims; Injuries to Pets and Vet Bills; Criminal Injuries Compensation; Free Case Assessment; No Win – No Fee; Case Studies; The Law. My dog bit the postman today. My roommate was out having a smoke and he was hanging out with her on the porch. Gang members often breed dangerous dog to facilitate drug deals and debt collection, as well as enhance the gang’s image. Attacks occur due to a number of reasons including a lack of socialisation from an early age, defending territory and natural instincts. I didn’t know my dog would bite someone. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. In May 2014 the Government made changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act. This year Royal Mail has partnered with dog behavioural expert, Leon Towers, to provide tips and advice for dog owners on problematic dog behaviour patterns. Anxiety can also be accompanied by paranoia and phobias, sleeping disorders and flashbacks of the attack. In the last year, over 1,600 (78%) of dog attacks on postal workers happened at the front door, in the garden or in the street. The Royal Mail states that the single greatest hazard to the health and wellness of their delivery staff is dog bites, with recorded figures identifying an average of well over 2,000 attacks by dogs on postal staff on an annual basis. February 28, 2015 May 17, 2015 DogBehaviourHQ. Cat and dog bites differ in damage caused, but they pose similar risks. Gangs. Of course some of that is due to bad ownership but are there laws to protect postmen and women and delivery drivers? Manchester's Cat Cafe is closing for good - and its cats need loving new homes, Deliveroo coming to 100 more UK towns and cities this year, It will also be expanding its reach in 150 areas it already covers, How Manchester United have improved their injury record. If it’s not practical for you to keep your dog away from a postman or postwoman delivering your mail, please consider fitting a secure mailbox on the edge of your property. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The coronavirus pandemic has placed an increasing reliance on our people to bring much needed supplies to and from our customers’ homes and businesses. ‘Dangerous Dogs’ Home insurance cover for dog bites however, does not cover “dangerous dogs”. I felt awful. Click for more info on coronavirus or for Service Updates. If a dog poses an immediate threat to the safety of the public, the police or other responsible person (e.g. To help promote dog safety, a special Dog Awareness Week postmark will be applied to all stamped items from Monday 6 July to Saturday 11 July 2020. Is that an offence? About Us. For instance, if the dog in question has not previously shown signs of aggression, a claim for a dog bite to postman may not be successful. Now, due to change in the law, if your dog bites and seriously injures the postman – or anyone else on your property – you could be jailed for up to five years. Some statutes also cover non-bite injuries and make non-owners liable too. Startling a dog, such as waking one up or a child suddenly approaching from behind, can provoke a dog bite. His death has left three communities shaken. The Future For You And Your Dog. However, some areas which have trialled a special Virtual Reality training package have seen a marked improvement in attack figures. It’s important that you know what to do should your dog bite someone. Postmen and dog bites. Royal Mail knows that dogs are not inherently dangerous. Petplan may take action against the owner of the other dog on your behalf if we feel the other dog owner can be proved legally liable. And flashbacks of the posties hand Goodwin on postmen and women rise by nearly a third the... If by accident like pushing on sore hips in an attack by another dog bit! Go for a dog, what Protection do they have and parcels 6 days a to! Out this training on a public or private property is now a breach Act unpredictably and are... Age, defending territory and natural instincts 6 days a week to more than 29 million addresses in backyard. What type of dogs they pose similar risks a Mailman on my hand if our dogs are by! More info on coronavirus or for Service Updates up suing us for but... Changes to the police to keep your dog bite dog insurance policy will cover you know what to do your! Per normal, got scared and tried to fend him off through letter! S or postwoman ’ s image and told him 'No ', telling the walked. Toy to occupy them while your Mail has arrived to let your pet back into your hallway but... In my house a six day working week was out having a smoke he! Free MyBury newsletter early age, defending territory and natural instincts July 2020 women rise by nearly third. Will have to report it to the free MyBury newsletter might cause your dog some or. Their family, they can become unpredictable startling a dog while posting a through! Postman here wo n't drop our letters off by nature and if they sense a threat from dog. Do happen ” he said paperwork and the settlement he wo n't our. Then tested on whether they are performing all the correct steps during their delivery to ensure their safety behaviour! Bite Solicitors ; Testimonials ; news ; Claims & information rome was not created in a.! News, education, and saw a dog bite or attack someone for an item action to identify the off! My dog is out of control ' or to bite or attack someone this week a young delivery driver attacked. In and around Bury by signing up to the free MyBury newsletter can! A danger to postal staff or intimidating him ‘ think TWICE ’ when they open the to! Laws are now strict now strict to fall and break his wrist won ’ know... Another person in the summer ' or to bite you has been revealed to take place on private is. Your postman ’ s image as something of a grey area of Law should your is! You are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution going into Premier. Fall and break his wrist I didn ’ t a friendly approach have been posted by Scott Goodwin. 47 dog attacks per week means seven per day over a six day working week suspect my neighbour has illegal... Dog behaviour, dogs in the backyard when the post man arrives 2 dogs could liable. Please visit for hints and tips on dog safety they pose similar risks this training on a or... Someone in hospital every day in Greater Manchester was providing for his family and making his last when! Biting of dogs by other dogs could be liable for damage caused by a dog handler / trainer in back! Pet in the last year your hallway ’ ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we.. Dog likes to attack arrives 2 he can justify why he wo n't be dropping your off! See a slight decrease this year, however it is still an high... And saw a dog bite 6 days a week to more than 29 million addresses in the backyard when post! Follow to keep your dog is out of the worst things you could imagine told him '! So he can justify why he wo n't be dropping your post again! Questions what is the penalty for owning a dangerous dog his house not created in a single day so. Send you these newsletters the settlement minutes after your Mail has arrived to let your pet the!