This is one of the final designs of the 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar. The circulated usually value of it is between $15-$30. Morgan Silver Dollar Overview. Mint mark on eagle area close to the backside under the wreath is there is one. The same formerly circulating silver dollar coins our forefathers u In addition, any safe techniques for cleaning the coins would be appreciated. The Morgan Dollar was reintroduced in 1921 after the mint was able to build up its silver holdings. If you're looking for an Eisenhower dollar price guide and don't want to read the full article, click the link or scroll down.. Image of 1879, 1902 and 1923 silver dollars posted by a guest. It has 7 Tail Feathers and was produced with two major reverse variations. Morgan Dollar Silver Coin Melt Calculator. The dollar has a 40 percent silver content for a total of 0.31 ounce pure silver and a melt value of just more than $6. As a rough ballpark figure, you can pay anywhere between $15 and $47,000 for one. The Morgan silver dollar was first minted in 1878, signaling the return of silver coinage following the Coinage Act of 1873.. 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar Value 1886 Morgan silver dollar value today is . The 1879 silver dollar value depends so much on both the mint it was struck at – and the condition – that it is difficult to give a finite price for an 1879 silver Morgan dollar. There are other factors that determine its worth, such as whether it is the Morgan Dollar or the Walking Liberty Dollar. To calculate melt values of multiple dollars or use your own silver prices, edit the fields below and click "Update." Value of 1921-D Morgan Silver Dollar. This coin which was minted 1976 is an Eisenhower Dollar. $25.81 a price tied to and moving with the value of its silver content.. Those who closely follow the major VAM (Leroy C. Van Allen and A. George Mallis) varieties may disagree that 1881 was a relatively quiet year for Morgan Silver Dollars, but for most collectors, that year represents few challenges for many who are assembling a date-and-mintmark run of the series. USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1890 Morgan Silver Dollar is Worth $34 in Average Condition and can be Worth $63 to $2,235 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. How Much Are Silver Dollars Worth? The rarer the coin is, the more valuable your Peace silver dollar will be. In a 28-year timeframe, just over 305,000,000 of these 90% silver Morgan Dollar coins were struck and issued. The 1921 Morgan dollar is extremely consumer-friendly no remember which mint it replaced into struck at. They are considered safe haven assets - an investment that’s expected to hold their value during market turbulence. First, the 1901 Morgan Dollar poses a financial challenge to many coin collectors, particularly in the higher grades. In previous articles, we've explained how to value earlier series of U.S silver dollars, like Morgan and Peace Dollars (minted 1878-1935) as well as Trade Dollars (1873-1885). Compared to the Morgan dollar series, there are hardly any keys and semi-keys and most of the coins count as common dates (worth $30-50). The 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar has a value of between $30 and $60,000 Type: Morgan Dollar Value: $30.00 to $60,000.00 Silver Value : $21.18 USD Mintage’s: 9.7 million in San Francisco, 2.2 million in Carson City, and 10 million in Philadelphia Lv 7. The 1881 Morgan Silver Dollar was the first year for which there are relatively few die varieties. With silver around $17,50 the coin has $13.fifty 4 worth of silver in it. Previous counterfeit Morgan Silver Dollars have been identified with improper weights. 1921 also saw the introduction of the Peace Dollar, which stopped production of the Morgan Silver Dollar for good. 10 years ago. 1878-1935: This is the meat and potatoes of the silver dollar era and also the most popular. Many of the older silver dollars were melted and replaced with the Peace design after one final run of the Morgan silver dollar in 1921. A silver dollar contains 0.7735 troy ounces of pure silver, so at the time of writing a silver dollar is worth 0.7735 x £11.36 = £8.77. How Much Is A 1978 Silver Dollar Worth Today. Walking Liberty Half Dollar Values (1916–1947) The Most Valuable Franklin Half Dollars As of 2014, an uncirculated 1971 S Eisenhower silver dollar carries a value of $14, with proofs valued at about $15. However, as a famous coin that attracts significant interest from coin collectors, some dollars will sell for much more than others. Posted on December 20, 2018 by Darmawan . The revelatory 1964 Morgan silver dollar may well have met the same fate as its Peace dollar counterpart. From 1904 to 1920, the mint ceased the Morgan silver dollar. Dollar. How much is an 1890 Morgan Silver Dollar worth? Morgan coins were minted between 1878 and 1904, in 1921 and between 1840 and 1873. FREE deluxe wooden display box. Answer (1 of 1): In general terms, the 1833 Silver Dollar can be worth $12 to $400. Morgan Silver Dollar. Value of 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar with 7 Tail Feathers Reverse of 1878. I think you could get $30-32 by calling different coin shops in your area. In 1921, the Denver Mint facilities were pressed into service to coin 1921-D Morgan silver dollars, the only date of this denomination produced there since its opening in 1906.The D mintmark is tiny on all issues.